RTZ Associates, Inc. was founded in 1977 from a commitment to improve long-term care through technology. Today, we provide software solutions to more than 1,000 agencies serving older adults and persons with disabilities. Led by Dr. Rick Zawadski (a nationally recognized authority on long-term care policy and program development), the RTZ team includes former administrative and front-line staff from agencies like yours.

Unlike vendors that provide one-size-fits-all case management software, we provide complete solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Please click on an area below to learn what differentiates RTZ from other vendors.
  • We have a background in long-term care.
  • We have a history of innovation.
  • We offer solutions designed around your workflow.
  • We simplify coordination within and across agencies.
  • We support our clients, not just our software.
The RTZ Advantage™

We have a background in long-term care. Many companies know how to code software, but few have a background in long-term care. We, on the other hand, understand your day because we have been there. Every member of our management team worked in the long-term care industry before joining RTZ. This allows us to anticipate customer needs, and design software that fits your workflow.